Freeborn in the City of Fallacies

His weary heart surfaced a question.

Valle Paradox,” answered Freeborn.

Valle Paradox: where shamed academics live on in feudal chaos, debating their flawed theories ad naseum, casting misshapen temporalgorithms into the cubic ether and warping actuality with every barbed, non-canonical entry into the world’s spatialgebra. Valle Paradox: the anus of hypotheses, the blasphemous academy of the failed postulation, filled with polygauchos, parallellamas, and concaverines locked in tedious, eternal debate. Valle Paradox: home of the Nimble Riddles, as far from the pool of knowledge as one could get within the country of Logic, shaded by twin mountains that flanked the northern gate from the lands of Reason. When good sense falters, it enters Valle Paradox.

And so shall we,” he said, “for La Sphinx’s implication points here. This is ‘where one and one adds up to nothing’.”

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